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"Best Heat Treat Company in Alabama"

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has a heat treat facility in Cullman, AL. Learn why they feel it's the "best heat treat company in Alabama", its specialties and more.

posted On Monday, September 9, 2019 in Blog

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) has four locations across the United States: two in Waterloo, Iowa; one in Monroe, Michigan; and one in Cullman, Alabama. For the purpose of this blog, we will focus on Cullman AHT's heat treat services and some of the team. 

Referred to as the Best Heat Treat Company in Alabama by Its Employees

Quick History/Fun Facts about Cullman AHT

  • Opened in 2007, the 4th AHT location
  • Cullman AHT was built in the spitting image of our corporate headquarters and service center 
  • Cullman AHT specializes in both gas and ion/plasma nitriding, UltraOx and Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC). See the full list of services here
  • Cullman AHT has one of the largest nitriding units in the US - it big enough to fit two small cars inside of the vessel
  • Our Alabama heat treat facility works with purchasers/buyers and engineers within the automotive, agriculture, firearms, tooling and other manufacturing industries.  

Meet the Cullman, Alabama Heat Treat Team

Heat Treaters in Alabama - Tim GarnerTim Garner
Plant Manager

AHT Employee since 2007

Fun Fact: Previous to AHT, Tim worked for a tier 1 automotive supplier as a stamping supervisor, making him a great resource for our auto and stamping customers. Learn more about Tim Garner in his "Meet the Team" blog

Johnny MaynardJohnny Maynard
Operations & Maintenance Lead

AHT employee since 2018

Fun Fact: Prior to AHT, Johnny held leadership positions in maintenance and operations within the energy and forging industries. He was referred to AHT by his son-in-law and AHT Regional Sales Manager, Jason Taylor (pictured above).  

Heat Treaters in Alabama - Katie Herron at AHTKatie Herron

AHT employee since 2019

Fun Fact: Katie is a recent graduate of University of Alabama - Birmingham. Read the press release about her joining the AHT team, along with two new sales reps here

Heat Treaters in Alabama Randy Parker at AHTRandy Parker
Sr. Lab Technician

AHT employee since 2011

Fun Fact: Even before working at AHT, Randy had over 30 years experience in induction hardening, quality inspecting, maintenance and metallurgy - a true asset to our organization. He's also a US Navy vet. When asked why he likes working at AHT, his response was "the people." 

Heat Treaters in Alabama Heith Johnson at AHTHeith Johnson
Heat Treat Technician & Safety Lead

AHT employee since 2008

Fun Fact: Heith started as a general laborer and now is a heat treat technician and Cullman's safety lead. AHT provides training and advancements opportunities for its employees. Interested in joining our team? Apply at www.ahtjobs.com

Trever Murphy - Advanced Heat Treat Corp in AlabamaTrever Murphy
Heat Treat Equipment Operator

AHT employee since 2011

Fun Fact: Trevor is Cullman's 6S Champion. When asked why he likes working at AHT, Trever commented that aside from the family atmosphere, he also likes AHT's flexibility when it comes to scheduling, time off, etc. 

Heat Treaters in Alabama Josh Cochran at AHT

Josh Cochran
Heat Treat Equipment Operator

AHT employee since 2019

Fun Fact: Josh started as a temp, but after seeing his work ethic, he was offered a full-time job. (We're happy to have you on the team, Josh.) Josh also served in the Army. 

Heat Treaters in Alabama Randy Glenn at AHTRandy Glenn
Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

AHT employee since 2018

Fun Fact: Randy previously was a store manager at an electronics store prior to taking the shipping and receiving position at AHT. Randy is liking his new job at AHT and describes AHT as a laid-back atmosphere where he is always learning.

Alabama Heat Treaters - Advanced Heat Treat CorpPreston Garner
Part-Time General Laborer

AHT employee since 2019

Fun Fact: Preston is a high school student who works part-time at Cullman AHT. He is also the son of our plant manager, Tim Garner. 

Specializing in Heat Treat for the Following Manufacturing Industries:

  • Automotive

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Firearms

  • Stamping Dies

  • and Various Tooling / Machine Shops

Learn more about the "Best Heat Treater in Alabama's" services, address and more by visiting our Cullman, Alabama webpage or click here to request a quote. 

Heat Treat Team in Cullman Alabama

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