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White Papers and Case Studies written by the AHT Team
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White Papers & Case Studies

  • Ten Tips for When to Use Gas Nitriding

    With the variety of surface treatments available today, it can get confusing trying to decide which one is best for your application. Gas nitriding is becoming more and more popular since it is environmentally-friendly, while also offering significant benefits.

  • Case Study: Steel Mill Turns to UltraOx® to Fight Corrosion

    Advanced Heat Treat Corp. was approached by one of the premiere steel makers in the southeastern United States. The steel producer was having issues with corrosion in the hot working section of their mill. The high corrosion rate was attributed to two factors; heat and process water. Heat has been well documented as increasing corrosion in humid and/or wet environments.

  • How to Streamline Your Process for Heat Treat Success

    Joel Robinson

    In every major industry companies are taking notice of the positive effects that streamlining can have on their internal processes, and economic returns. Through these continuous improvement efforts, companies see cost reductions in categories such as turnaround time, reduction of defects, and elimination of waste, to name just a few. While these concepts are just getting a foothold in industries such as retail and medical, they have an established history in manufacturing. The heat treat industry, and specifically the ion/gas nitriding subset, is not an exception.

  • Metallurgy Basics (for Non-Metallurgists): What's Happening to Metals During Heat Treatment

    Learn how common metals, such as steels, are heated to high temperatures and the significant changes that occur at the atomic level.

  • The Pros & Cons of Induction Hardening

    Scot Clay

    Discover the pros and cons of the selective heat treatment: induction hardening.

  • Ion Nitriding Masking Capability Provides Perfect Solution for Automotive Clutch Hub Housing

    Mikel Woods

    In this white paper learn about ion nitriding, also known as plasma nitriding, and the benefits it provides for parts. In particular, read about how ion nitriding improved the wear resistance for an automotive club hub housing piece.

  • Why Your Long Parts Should be Ion Nitrided in a Vertical Vessel

    Gary Sharp

    Various heat treat methods are available to enhance wear resistance and provide surface hardening on long parts such as screws, shafts and rolls. Learn what the best method is for heat treating long parts and the longest part Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has ion nitrided.

  • Nitriding Tips for New Users

    Chad Clark

    What materials can be nitrided? What temperature are parts nitrided? Learn the answers to these questions plus more.

Technical Papers