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Other Services

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. offers many services in addition to nitriding, nitrocarburizing and traditional "heat treat". We will look at your needs on a case-by-case basis and determine what solution is best for your parts.


Thermal (Hot) Flattening

Thermal flattening consists of placing the product under compression in a controlled thermal environment utilizing a controlled temperature to relieve product stresses.


Parkerizing, or phosphate coating, is offered at our Burton location in Waterloo, IA. This process protects steel from corrosion, while also increasing wear resistance. This is an excellent fit for firearm and automotive components.


AHT offers a wide variety of assembly operations. From simple machining processes to straightening applications, AHT's experienced staff has the skills to meet your value added needs.

Cleaning Applications

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. offers a wide variety of cleaning operations including aluminum oxide blasting, alkaline washing, vibratory deburring, steel shot and ultrasonic cleaning.

Duplex Hardening

Duplex Hardening is a combination of heat treatments to blend benefits of individual treatments. Examples include:

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

MPI is a non-destructive testing method used for the detection of defects in ferrous materials, also known by the trade names MagnaGlow or MagnaFlux. This method is performed by creating a magnetic current within steel or iron parts. Fluorescent particles align along surface or shallow subsurface defects and are detected under black light.


Advanced Heat Treat offers state of the art polishing techniques at all of its facilities. AHT has the expertise to provide a part with a shine that speaks for itself.

Metallurgical Services & Design Advice/Consultation

Advanced Heat Treat offers a wide variety of surface and core hardness testing, case depth determination, carbon content determination, consultation, microstructural analysis, salt spray testing and any other metallurgical lab services as needed.

Heat treatment of parts is often an afterthought for design engineers. Rather than being a part of the discussion in the early stages of design, designers try to solve problems at the point of manufacturing-or even after. While each type of heat treatment provides its own unique set of properties and benefits, each process also has limitations that could be addressed early on in the design process to ensure optimal performance. Read our technical papers for more information, or contact us for one of the following helpful tools:

  • Guidelines for Determining Material and Layer Choice
  • Heat Treat Design Advice
  • Engineer Your Ion Nitriding Treatment for Success
  • Welding and Repair of Ion Nitrided Tooling

Other useful heat treat tools (for reference only): http://www.matweb.com/tools/hardness.aspx

Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data and determining the original cause for failure. Advance Heat Treat's team of metallurgical and quality engineers have the capabilities to diagnose customer failures (whether they be part or surface treatment related) and provide expert feedback to suit our customers' needs.