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Stress Relieving Heat Treatment

Relieve machining or welding stress with our Stress Relieve process.

What is Stress Relieving Heat Treatment?

Stress Relieving is a process using controlled heating and cooling to relieve machining or welding stress from large parts or weldments without going over the transition temperature. Stress relieving does not have an effect on the chemical or mechanical properties of the material, it is done purely to relieve internal stresses. Stress relieving can be performed on non-heat treated parts as well as through-hardened parts if the temperature is kept sufficiently low. Time and temperature relationships are developed based on prior hardness requirements or by the size and complexity of weldments. 

Stress Relieve will minimize part distortion during subsequent heat treatment or while in service.

Benefits of Stress Relieving

  • Relieve stress from the part
  • Uniform stress across part

Common Materials & Applications for Stress Relieving

  • Ferrous metal
  • Aluminum
  • Parts that have been heat treated and then machined
  • Machined castings
  • Welded assemblies

Where Stress Relieving is Offered

Stress Relieving is offered at all four Advanced Heat Treat Corp. locations. Click the button below to learn what other heat treat services are offered at the same location.