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Cryogenic Treatment

What is Cryogenic Treatment?

Cryogenic Treatment is a process that strengthens and improves the mechanical properties of metal materials. The material is exposed to a subzero temperature, as cold as -300ºF, reducing the amount of retained austenite and transforming it to a martensitic state. Cryogenic treatment results in increased strength, dimensional stability, and relief of stress.

Benefits of Cryogenic Treatment

  • Reduces retained austenite and transforms to martensite
  • Increases strength of part and decreases fracturing or shear
  • Decreases brittleness
  • Gives dimensional stability
  • Relaxes internal stresses
  • Decreases abrasive wear
  • Extends part life 
  • Parts less prone to warping
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Can be used with other treatments such as carburizing, TiN & more 

Common Applications & Materials for Cryogenics

Common applications for cryogenics include, but are not limited to: Automotive (clutches, brake rotors, camshaft axles, bearings, etc.); Firearms (barrels, slides, receivers, etc.); Consumer Sporting Goods (golf clubs, baseball bats); Marine (boat propellers, gears, shafts, etc.) and Cutting tools such as knives, blades, drill bits & more.

Some common materials include: Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Titanium, Nickel Alloys and some Plastics.

Why AHT?

  • CONVENIENCE. Advanced Heat Treat Corp. offers a wide array of surface treatments, providing a one-stop-shop for your metallurgical needs
  • EXPERIENCE. Over 40 years of heat treat experience
  • TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE. Seven metallurgists on-staff and 42% of employees with over 10 years of heat treat experience
  • LOCATION. Locations in Iowa, Alabama and Michigan (cryogenics is only offered in Iowa at this time)

Cryogenic Treatment is Offered Only at our AHT Location in Waterloo, Iowa (Burton Ave.).


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