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Through Hardening/Quench & Temper

Harden your medium carbon alloy steel with Through Hardening!

What is Through Hardening / Quench & Temper?

Through hardening, also known as "quench & temper", is a process that consists of heating the parts to a temperature above the transformation range and then rapidly cooling to room temperature, usually using an oil quench. This may be performed in air or in a controlled atmosphere to protect the part's surface. Parts are then reheated to a lower temperature to temper to the desired final hardness range.


  • Improves strength and hardness
  • Controllable specific mechanical properties
  • Same hardness throughout part
  • Increases lifespan of part

Typical Materials Used for Through Hardening / Quench & Temper

  • Medium to High Carbon Steels
  • Medium Carbon Alloy Steels
  • Cast Iron

Through Hardening is Offered Only at Our AHT Location in Waterloo, Iowa (Burton Ave.).


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