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Normalizing Heat Treatment

What is Normalizing Heat Treatment?

Normalizing is the treatment of steel by heating above the transformation temperature, holding for a certain time, and then cooling to room temperature in still or slightly agitated air. This is done to remove processing stress and provide a more uniform structure. Normalizing is used on castings in order to increase the homogeneity of the part by breaking up the dendritic structure. The effects of normalizing rely heavily on the incoming thermal and mechanical conditions. 

Normalizing is often confused with annealing. While annealing is a controlled furnace cool, normalizing cools to room temperature in still or slightly agitated air. Due to the faster cooling rate, normalizing can result in less ductility and higher hardness than annealing.

Benefits of Normalizing

  • Gives a uniform grain structure
  • Removes processing stress
  • Improves machinability
  • Homogenization

Common Applications for Normalizing

  • Stamping dies after work ordering / forming
  • Cold-rolled carbon steels

Where is Normalizing Heat Treat Offered?

Normalizing is offered at our Burton Ave location in Waterloo, Iowa. Click the button below to learn what other heat treat services are offered at the same location.