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UltraOx® for Firearm Components!

UltraOx® has successfully improved the accuracy of firearm components. With our Federal Firearms Licenses, we're ready to "take a shot" (yes, pun intended) at processing your parts!


UltraOx® is not a coating, so it will never chip or peel, lasting the life of the part.

Firearm manufacturers that are using UltraOx® have experienced:

  • No rounding-off of rifling, offering better trajectory for a more accurate shot!
  • Provides an aesthetic, sleek black finish with exceptional corrosion resistance and added lubricity.
  • A clean process with no residue (as compared to QPQ, Salt Bath/Liquid Nitriding/Black Nitriding)
  • Ready to assemble parts once they are back in your hands!  

An added benefit is the opportunity to mask, or selective harden, certain areas. If there is a particular component that you need to stay "soft" (i.e. for welding capabilities), ask about masking!

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