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AHT Doubles UltraGlow Gas Nitriding and UltraOx Capacity at Corporate Headquarters

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) announced the arrival of three new gas nitriding units. The equipment will be operational this quarter.

posted On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 in Press Releases

WATERLOO, IA – January 15, 2019 – Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT), a recognized leader in heat treat services and metallurgical solutions, announced today the arrival of three new gas nitride units at their corporate headquarters located in Waterloo, Iowa. The investment doubles their gas nitriding capacity at this location and allows the company to expand its UltraGlow® gas nitriding and UltraOx® surface treatment solutions.

The three new gas nitride units vary in size, allowing for the accommodation of various industries and applications including, but not limited to: agriculture, automotive, construction, aerospace, firearms and oil and energy.

AHT President Mikel Woods with new gas nitriding unit

One nitride unit will be operational this month, and the additional two units will be running in February. AHT also has plans to design/build an additional unit later in 2019.

AHT President, Mikel Woods commented, “I’m excited on many accounts. One, we’re adding capacity/back-up to an already growing agriculture/construction market. Two, we have plans to add a new Nadcap process in order to expand further into the aerospace market and meet our customer requirements/requests. And three, we’re gearing up to go even bigger in 2019 with additional equipment.”

The new units will house AHT’s UltraGlow Gas Nitriding and UltraOx services, commonly used in manufacturing to prevent corrosion and improve wear resistance.

Woods commented, “UltraOx is rapidly replacing processes like QPQ/salt bath, chrome plating and nickel plating; therefore, it was pivotal for us to invest in more equipment so that we can accommodate the growing demand and continue to provide our customers with the quality and service they have come to expect from AHT.”

AHT is currently Nadcap accredited for ion nitriding at their corporate location, but with the additional capacity, AHT plans to gain accreditation in gas nitriding by this summer as well. The additional Nadcap accreditation will help AHT to accommodate additional aerospace needs and grow their UltraGlow gas nitriding service.

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