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When to Use Gas Nitriding

Below we provide 10 situations when you might want to use gas nitriding for your heat treatment.

posted On Monday, September 24, 2018 in Blog

With the variety of surface treatments available today, it can get confusing trying to decide which one is best for your application. Gas nitriding is becoming more and more popular since it is environmentally-friendly, while also offering significant benefits. 

When to Use Gas Nitriding - 10 Tips:

  1. 100% nitride coverage of parts is needed
  2. Higher volumes need to be processed
  3. Small parts are being used
  4. Complex geometries are an issue
  5. Corrosion resistance is required (AHT's trademarked UltraOX process provides 240+ hours per ASTM B117)
  6. Deeper compound zones are required (for highly abrasive applications, sliding wear, corrosion resistance, oil retention)
  7. Limited compound zones are required (Automated gaseous nitriding controlled by nitriding potential, per AMS 2759/10A)
  8. Kcontrol is critical 
  9. Controlling porosity within the compound zone is important (Gaseous nitrocarburizing, automatically controlled by potentials per AMS 2759/12)
  10. Clean parts are needed - no residue that needs to be cleaned off, as with salt bath nitriding and QPQ

Gas nitriding, gaseous nitrocarburizing, ferritic nitrocarburizing and UltraOx are available at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.'s Alabama, Iowa and Michigan locations. Parts up to 14.5' in length and up to 60" in diameter can be processed.

Unsure when to use gas nitriding still? Click here to visit our webpage or call 319.232.5221.

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