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Corrosion Resistance: UltraOx vs Chrome Plating & Salt Bath

Learn why so many people are moving away from chrome plating and salt baths and switching to AHT's UltraOx for their corrosion and wear protection needs.

posted On Sunday, March 17, 2019 in Blog

Whether you're in the agriculture industry or automotive, corrosion and wear resistance is an important aspect to ensure you produce a quality product for your end user. But with so many different options, it can sometimes seem difficult to choose the right process and vendor. Below, we compare QPQ/salt bath and chrome plating to our trademarked UltraOx process. 

What is UltraOx?

UltraOx is an environmentally-friendly alternative to salt bath and chrome plating, used for corrosion and wear resistance. UltraOx also produces an aesthetic, uniform sleek black finish. 

UltraOx for Corrosion Resistance

Why UltraOx?

  • The UltraOx process creates three protective layers (oxide, compound zone and diffusion zone) for superior corrosion and wear resistance vs chrome plating's one layer
  • UltraOx can endure a salt spray test in excess of 240 hours
    (View pictures of UltraOx's performance after 300 hours of salt spray)
  • Provides uniform coverage on all dimensions of a part, penetrating holes and bores
  • UltraOx is an environmentally-friendly alternative; ammonia is burned off within the vessel
  • No salt residue to clean post-processing

Why NOT Chrome Plating? 

  • There are dimensional concerns with coating; poor penetration within holes and bores
  • Chrome plating has high air emission rates which produce adverse health, safety and environmental risks
  • As the chrome begins to build in thickness, micro-cracks form, allowing moisture penetration and rust
  • Chrome hydride decomposition leaves microscopic voids

Why NOT QPQ/Salt Bath?

  • QPQ/Salt baths can leave behind residue which results in post-processing cleaning and potentially more labor costs
  • QPQ and salt baths are not environmentally-friendly and expose employees to chemicals and potential safety concerns
  • QPQ and salt baths can sometimes have inconsistent finishes 

So, whether you're heat treating a firearm part or any other low to medium carbon steel, consider UltraOx to help you solve your corrosion, galling or wear needs. 

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