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2019 Business of the Year Award

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. was recognized as "Business of the Year 50+ FTE" by Grow Cedar Valley on March 26, 2019. Find out why...

posted On Monday, April 1, 2019 in Blog

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Recognized as "Business of the Year"

On March 26, 2019, Grow Cedar Valley held their annual awards celebration where nine companies and individuals were recognized for their accomplishments; AHT was awarded "Business of the Year (50+ FTE)". 

The Business of the Year Award honors a company each year "for promoting the quality of life and offering leadership within the Cedar Valley, achieving a major business accomplishment or making an outstanding contribution to the Cedar Valley community, economy and citizens."

Here is why Grow Cedar Valley selected AHT as Business of Year, according to their program:

"If there is one word to describe Advanced Heat Treat Corp. over the past year, it's GROWTH. The company realized one of their best years ever, hired over 50 new employees, purchased new (nitriding) equipment, and expanded the corporate headquarters with a 15,000 sq ft. building expansion

Advanced Heat Treat really has the family culture that many other organizations strive for. As the business continues to grow, it is a unique characteristic to still be able to maintain a family-driven culture.

That is a testament to the core values that Advanced Heat Treat Corp. follows through all levels of employees. Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is also in a period of rapid growth and is investing in the local community through the recent expansion project involving the corporate location." 

Thank You Grow Cedar Valley

We are humbled by this award and thank our employees for the amazing contributions they have made over the past year. We also thank Grow Cedar Valley for recognizing our niche company and providing brand awareness throughout our community. We are pleased to share our message and teach others about heat treating. 

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