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AHT Named 2023 Employer of Choice

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) was selected as the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier's "Employer of Choice," an award also won in 2022, 2021, 2020, 2018, and 2017. Thanks to the many people who nominated AHT.

posted On Monday, September 4, 2023 in Press Releases

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. was named an Employer of Choice on September 7, 2023. Below is the article highlighting some of the reasons they were selected. See the printed version here.

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Aims to Educate & Accommodate

AHT EmployeesAdvanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT), a six-time “Employer of Choice” recipient, provides heat treating services to some of the leading manufacturers in aerospace, construction, agriculture and more, but… what exactly is ‘heat treating’?

While there are many different types of heat treatment, most heat treatments at AHT help to solve problems associated with metal parts such as wear, corrosion, abrasion, surface hardness, etc. The treatment ultimately changes the physical properties of the metal, improving the performance/lifespan of the part. If this is new information to you, know you’re not alone.

AHT understands that people outside of manufacturing/engineering oftentimes have little knowledge of heat treat, but they encourage job seekers to not let that deter them from checking out Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

Maddie Petsche, a college student and part-time office assistant at AHT, commented, “Advanced Heat Treat is a wonderful place to work even if you do not know anything about the heat treating process. The company does a great job helping new employees fully understand the process.”

Joe Patava, an employee of 20 years and AHT’s Continuous Improvement Specialist, added “They provide a great atmosphere to learn and excel.”

Through each of the employees’ Employer of Choice nominations, the company’s culture shines through with comments like “treated with dignity and respect,” “lifelong friendships,” and many mentions of “family.”

Sarah Gress, a newer employee and mother of six, appreciates both the family-like atmosphere at work as well as her employer’s family-first mentality. “Work-life balance is a top priority at AHT. They encourage us to be at our kids’ events/appointments and give us flexibility to make up hours, if needed. The workplace is so friendly and family-like. We work together well and enjoy each other. Management does a great job of keeping team morale up and making sure everyone has the tools they need at work and home in order to be great employees.”

Many other employees such as Beth Kamp, Chad Brandenburg and Shane Manning echoed Sarah’s sentiment about family, a generous PTO policy and flexibility.

Tyler Odneal, who supervises several employees in operations, stated that AHT is “willing to work with schedule changes, temporary or permanent, to make sure employees are able to have a positive work-life balance.”

Between AHT locations, full-time employees in operations work one of three different shifts, and either five 8-hour days or four 10-hour workdays during the week. AHT even has a weekend only shift, working 11-hour days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday while still receiving full-time benefits. Part-time employees have additional flexibility when it comes to the days worked and the length of the shifts. The company tries to work around the employee’s other obligations, making AHT a perfect place for college students or employees wanting a second job.

Molly Verdught, an employee since November 2022, has enjoyed the new challenge as a part-time sales assistant. “Advanced Heat Treat is a friendly and team-oriented place to work. Employees are empowered to do their best, work/life balance is encouraged and practiced. The entrepreneurial spirit of our company’s founder is reflected in the day-to-day operations here: work hard, take care of our customers, and celebrate successes as a team.”

AHT celebrates successes and shows employee appreciation in a variety of ways, from bonuses and gifts to cornhole (bags) tournaments and catered meals.

Gayla Hoppenworth added, “AHT understands that there is an impact when employees have close relationships with people they work with. AHT hosts casual company outings, employee appreciation events (which included small department groups going off-site for breakfast together during working hours); teambuilding games during program rollouts and tailgating.”

“Management helps keep the culture relaxed while still keeping the business growing each year,” concluded Jason Wooldrik.

Interested in learning more about employment with Advanced Heat Treat Corp.? Visit www.ahtjobs.com or call 319-232-5221.


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