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March 2024 Newsletter

In our March e-Newsletter, learn about our recent Nadcap accreditation renewal, Meet Beth Kamp, Nitriding titanium and titanium alloys, and more.

posted On Wednesday, March 13, 2024 in Newsletters

AHT Nadcap Heat Treatment ApprovedAHT Retains Merit Status

AHT has been Nadcap accredited at its MidPort Blvd. location in Waterloo, Iowa since 2013 and it just renewed the accreditation. AHT complies AMS 2757, 2759/6, 2759/8, 2759/10, AMS 2759/12 as well as numerous customer specs.

Download the new Nadcap certificate or see our other quality accreditations.


Meet Beth KampMeet Beth Kamp

We continue our "Meet the Team" blog series with a person you might have spoken to before and not even known it, Beth Kamp. Beth is our administrative coordinator and the friendly voice that answers our phones.

AHT Specialty: Nitriding Titanium Alloys Heat TreatNitriding Titanium Alloys

AHT specializes in nitriding titanium & titanium alloys. We've even had several technical articles published in the "ASM Handbook", "Materials Science & Engineering", "Aerospace & Defense" and more.


Which heat treatment & Why: GearsWhich Heat Treatment & Why

Gears are commonly heat treated for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, lubricity, etc. The type of heat treatment can vary. This webpage covers the different types of heat treatment for gears and their benefits/considerations.


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