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Meet Tricia St. Andre

We continue our Meet the Team blog series with Tricia St. Andre, an AHT employee since 2018 and our Michigan location's office coordinator. Continue reading to hear about her professional background, the issues she's passionate about and more.

posted On Thursday, June 1, 2023 in Blog

Meet Tricia

Q&As with Tricia St. Andre

Tricia, you’ve worked for AHT for 5+ years. Tell us about your prior experience and what made you decide to join the AHT team.

Before working at AHT, I spent most of my career in the cable television and pay-per-view industry. I started in customer service and moved into marketing and sales. I first worked for various cable companies marketing/selling cable services and then worked in the pay-per-view industry where I sold programming like WWF wrestling and movies/events to the cable operators. I spent a few years in early retirement, but missed the office environment so I decided to go back to work part-time. When I started considering AHT for employment, I was very impressed with the longevity of the employees and it was a company that I literally knew nothing about the types of services they offered and that really piqued my interest, so I jumped in and applied for a job! AHT thinks of its employees as “family”.

What are some ways AHT has shown you that they care about you not only as an employee, but as a person?

That’s an easy answer for me! Last year, when my mom became seriously ill and my dad also needed some medical procedures, AHT allowed me to adjust my work schedule so that I could provide support to my parents when they needed me most. During that time, I received texts/calls from many of my coworkers, including the president of our company.

Recently, my husband had a pretty bad accident and I needed to be by his side at the hospital. The first words I heard from my boss were “do what you have to do to take care of your family – we’re here for you and whatever you need”. What a relief it was to know that not only is your job safe, but people care and want to help you. They even sent an AHT “care bag” with lots of snacks and goodies and a sweet card!

Also, every year, many of my coworkers support my efforts to raise funds to end cancer by making a donation to my Relay For Life fund – this means a lot to me personally!

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your time?

I really love spending time right in my own backyard with friends and family, watching the hummingbirds and orioles on our feeders. We ride our 4-wheelers and dirt bikes, swim with the neighbors, play kick the can and soccer with the grandkids and often play cornhole. We bar-b-que a lot!

In the summer, we also spend time at our camper in Irish Hills. At the camper, we have our “summer friends” who we hang out with both at the camper as well as on the lake. We have a boat, kayaks, floating tubes and really love to fish. Both of my brothers have campers near me, so it’s like a little home away from home.

Name an accomplishment you are proud of – personal or professional.

When I was younger, I played hockey. In 1975, my team won a National Championship and that was a pretty big deal for us as well as our town. Our mayor had a big celebration for us. In 2017, my team had a reunion where the majority of us were able to come together and spend time with our coaches at their home. We watched old home movies of the playoffs, many brought photo albums of the good old days and we laughed and reminisced for hours. It was great to reconnect those friendships and we all still talk and follow each other’s lives on social media.

1975 Hockey Champs

“Passion” is a core value at AHT. Aside from heat treat, what else are you passionate about?

Because I am a cancer survivor, I am very passionate about raising funds to help put an end to cancer forever. I have participated in our local Relay For Life Walk for over 15 years and have raised over $15,000 through the years. I also think that it is very important to raise awareness for people to think about what they would do if faced with a cancer diagnosis and make sure they are educated about cancer. During a diagnosis, it is not easy to make decisions when all you can think about is “I have cancer and get it out of me right away”. Educating yourself on the different types of cancer and staying up on current treatments can help you make smart medical decisions that are right for you during an exceptionally difficult time.

I am also a “caretaker” by nature. When I see people in need, I do what I can to alleviate even the smallest of their problems. I will often give donations to people in need or do something to bring them a smile. I believe that God wants us to care about and look after each other. When I leave this earth, I hope that there are a lot of people who think of me fondly and remember me with a smile and say “she made a difference in my life!”

What is something people may not know about Tricia?

I am a real prankster. I love setting up a good prank or joke and live for the moment when I can “get” someone and make them laugh.

Most people say I am a baby whisperer. I have never met a baby that didn’t love me or that I didn’t love. I can put just about any baby to sleep or calm them down. When I am in stores, little kids practically jump out of their carts to wave or come to me and parents look at me like I’ve done something crazy, but little kids just love me and I LOVE them!!!

Babies and puppies are the thing that I find most calming during stressful times, and I will always be happy to pick them up and cuddle them.

What is something people may not know about AHT?

That we process really important parts for automotive, airplanes, medical and even the Mars Rover!

What advice or tips would you give our customers?

Putting your quote number and billing email on your purchase order is a HUGE help to our accounting team!

How would you describe the company culture at AHT?

AHT strives to be a family-oriented company. They want employees to be happy to come to work. At a time when we literally have 3-4 different generations working side by side, it isn’t easy to find ways to meld all the different generational mindsets together, but AHT tries day after day to make that happen.

Now, a list of random questions for you:

  • First Job: Babysitting, but first real job was Wuv’s Hamburgers – where you could get a burger for $0.25 cents!
  • Favorite Food: King Crab legs (but can someone pre-crack them for me so I can get right down to eating them with no interruptions?) Steamed and eaten fresh off the ocean is the BEST!
  • Least Favorite Food: Liver
  • Hobbies: Crafting!
  • Annual Traditions? Christmas is my jam! I love finding the perfect gift for those I love and I will set up games for the entire family to participate in along with prizes (both good and bad lol). There will always be pics of the winners and losers for all to see!
  • Favorite Sport: Hockey
  • Sports Team: I always root for the Michigan teams
  • What’s Your Idea of the Perfect Weekend? Cabin on lake, boat at the dock, lounge chair in the water, fire pit at night surrounded by family, friends, and good music and someone else is planning the menu and doing the cooking!
  • Favorite Movie: Pure Country and Father of the Bride with Steve Martin are my favorite movies. They are cheesy but I love seeing people in love or close-knit families.
  • Best Concert: That is a toss up between Vince Gill and Tim McGraw/Faith Hill – both were amazing. Met all of them backstage and they are all very lovely people.
  • Married? Yes, very happily for 37 years. My husband and I have a goal to reach the 50-year Anniversary together
  • Kids? We have a son, daughter and 6 grandkids. Fun fact, both our daughter and daughter in law are named Sarah and my daughter works at AHT as well!
  • Pets? Sadly, we lost both of our pets within the last two years (both of which we had for 16 years). Luckily, our neighbor has a chocolate lab named Hutch who has decided that our house is as much a home as his own, so we still have a doggie to love and give treats to.
  • Favorite Road trip or Vacation? Literally anywhere that I am on vacation with my husband is my favorite - especially if it includes warm sunny weather and water!

Have a Question for Tricia? Give Her a Call at 734-243-0063. 

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