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Meet Randy Glenn

We continue our “Meet the Team” blog series with Randy Glenn, an AHT employee since 2018. Randy takes care of shipping and receiving at our Cullman, Alabama location. Continue reading to discover why he likes working at AHT, tips for fast turnaround and get a sense of his fun-loving personality and adventurous spirit.

posted On Monday, March 11, 2024 in Blog

Q&As with Randy Glenn

Randy Glenn at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.Randy, prior to AHT, you worked in a very different industry. Tell us about your past experience(s) and how they relate to each other.

At my previous job, it was all about the customer experience and giving the best experience; it’s really no different here. I strive to give the best service to all our customers.

Being in Shipping & Receiving, what advice would you give our customers to ensure they receive their orders in a timely fashion?

My best advice for this is to pack your products to avoid any chance of damage when you ship them to us. That tends to be the number one cause of delays. 

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

My wife and I help with local rescues for dogs. We foster and adopt, as we can, so most of our time is consumed with taking care of our “babies.”

Pictured is Lilly, one of my rescue dogs. She was actually found wandering around our building here at AHT.

Randy with Dog

We hear you can be quite spontaneous & adventurous… mind telling us about your world traveler story?

My friends and I saw a video where a group of people took their passport to a major airport and took the first international flight to where ever it was going. After lots of daring each other and planning a time, we did just that. We went to the Atlanta airport and asked for 4 seats. The first was going to be Italy, but there were only 3 seats. The next was Seoul, South Korea so we hopped on and 19 hours later, we were there. BUT one of the people in our group had been there before, so we looked and the next flight from there was to Cebu, Philippines. We hopped on there and 4 hours later, we had a hotel and an adventure for a week. I highly recommend it - a bit of panic, fear and wonder does the soul good.

In your opinion, why should someone choose to do business with AHT vs another heat treater?

I would say it’s our attention to detail and our company’s core values that make us stand out from the crowd.

EDITOR'S NOTE: AHT's core values are Integrity, Loyalty, Passion, Professionalism, Service and Teamwork.

AHT has multiple events throughout the year (cornhole tournaments, team outings, Employee Appreciation Week, etc.). Tell us about one of your favorite AHT get-togethers.

To be honest, they are all great. This company shows more appreciation to its employees than any other company I have ever worked for.

(Pictured: Randy winning a game of BINGO during Employee Appreciation Week, February 2024.)

Randy playing BingoWhat is one thing people may not know about Advanced Heat Treat Corp. in Cullman, Alabama?

Besides having the best shipping department, we have a great crew overall. Most of the employees here in Cullman have been here well over 5 years. We can turn around product fast and efficiently.


What is one thing people may not know about Randy Glenn?

Not much else to know. I am an open book. To know me is to love me.

Now a series of quick questions:

  • Favorite book(s): Enders Game, The Cradle Series by Will Wright -
  • First Job: Burger King
  • Favorite Food: Most all food
  • Least Favorite Food: Hominy, that is one nasty food
  • Married? Yes for 26 years
  • Pets? So many
  • Hobbies? A little bit of everything
  • Hidden Talent? I have a gift for gab
  • Do you collect anything? Dogs lol see above
  • First Concert: Eagles
  • Favorite Sports Team: Alabama football
  • Best Candy Bar (in your opinion): Snickers or KitKat
  • Favorite vacation: See above, but also cruises with friends and Germany
  • Where would you like to travel? Japan, Greece, Alaska and anywhere that is an adventure - just like life should be.

Have a Question for Randy Glenn? Email CullShipping@ahtcorp.com or call 256-739-2775.

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