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Meet Molly VerDught

We continue our “Meet the Team” blog series with Molly VerDught, sales assistant and AHT employee since November 2022. In this blog, Molly personifies Thanksgiving with mentions of gratitude, appreciation and more.

posted On Friday, November 3, 2023 in Blog

Meet Molly

Q&As with Molly VerDught

Molly, you started at AHT in November of 2022. What was your background before that?

I grew up on a row crop farm (corn & soybeans) in northern Missouri. I attended the University of Missouri - Columbia where I majored in agricultural economics and minored in international business. I married my college sweetheart & we moved to Iowa for our jobs. I worked in the agriculture industry as a grain merchant for several years, then stayed home with my children for ~10 years.

How would you describe the company culture at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.?

There are many long-term, loyal employees at AHT. You do not find that in most places. I think that people stay because they feel valued & the work is rewarding. I picked up on that culture right when I started.

Being newly promoted to Sales Assistant at AHT, what are some things you’ve been learning lately?

I have been learning more details about the services that we provide at AHT & how each customer & part is unique & given focused attention. This makes for a great customer experience… & a lot to learn! It is quite interesting to see the many different industries that we service & think about where those parts will go after they leave our facilities. While we are not directly making anything, we are taking something already produced & making it better.

We hear that Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday.

I love Thanksgiving! Family, food, & time to reflect on God’s blessings this past year. We have different crafty activities we do each year, usually involving the children making a list of things that we are thankful for in the shape of something festive. I want to instill in my kids a heart of gratitude, because with gratitude comes contentment & joy.

VerDught FamilyWhen you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I love running & hiking. I also spend time doing things my family enjoys—baking cookies, throwing the football, going to the library. We have four children, ages 14, 13, 10 & 6, so we have a variety of interests & personalities. Some of my kids’ activities include cross country, music (saxophone, clarinet, viola, piano, choir); flag football; Lego robotics teams; 4-H; AWANA Bible club & youth group. We also like helping on our family farms as often as we can.

You lived abroad at one point. Tell us about that.

My first summer in college, I studied agriculture in southern Thailand. It is a fascinating & biodiverse place with lovely people! It is also the hottest, wettest place I have ever been. After Thailand, I traveled to China to visit my sister (who was teaching there at the time). Being my very first time out of the U.S., I found it eye-opening to see how challenging it is to live in some parts of the world. I gained a new appreciation for the infrastructure & conveniences that we have.

Molly and HusbandWhat is something people may not know about Molly VerDught?

In our first 10 years married, my husband & I moved to 5 different cities (including upstate New York) & had 4 children. Life was not boring!

What is something people may not know about Advanced Heat Treat Corp.?

AHT is committed to being top of its class in the heat treating & nitriding industry. Continuous improvement of equipment, technology & training is always being looked at. ‘How can we do this better?’ Despite 40+ years in the business, there is no complacency.

What do you appreciate about working at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.?

AHT is a positive, people-oriented place to work. I tell my children to try new things, be ready to learn, & not fear taking risks. I had to take my own advice after returning to the workforce in a new industry. Fellow employees have been helpful as I ask questions & learn more about my role.

Now some random questions:

  • First job: Farm laborer
  • Favorite food: Tacos; Pasta
  • Least favorite food: Olives; Onions
  • Pets? Nope, just kids 
  • Have you ever played an instrument? If so, what? I play piano, though not very well. But 2 of my kids play!
  • Hidden Talent? I enjoy rock climbing walls. I am less fearless as I get older, but I like to climb.
  • Favorite movie: Napoleon Dynamite; Tommy Boy
  • Meaningful quote? Psalm 19:14—Let the words of my mouth & the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock & my redeemer.
  • Favorite thing about Fall: watching harvest progress. A combine…the grain carts; fall tillage. I love it.
  • Pumpkin Spice or Apple… what’s your preferred Fall scent? Apple. An apple crisp baking in the oven is the best smell ever!
  • "Super Power": I am a regular blood donor with the universal blood type! 

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