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Meet Doctor Glow

We continue our "Meet the Team" blog series with Dr. Edward Rolinski aka Doctor Glow. Read about his impressive professional and educational background, his nitriding research and more. The doctor is most certainly one of the most knowledgeable people in the world when it comes to "glow".

posted On Tuesday, June 23, 2020 in Blog

Edward Rolinski aka Doctor Glow

Q&As with Dr. Edward Rolinski

Edward, you have been at AHT since 1994. How did you start working at AHT?

Gary personally reached me and that is how everything started in Monroe, Michigan. I actually came to California from Europe in 1989 and worked there before coming to Monroe and working for another ion nitriding shop before joining Advanced Heat Treat Corp.

What are some major changes you’ve seen at AHT between the year you started and now?

We are much bigger now and not just a one-building shop. Gary started with ion nitriding, now we also have gas nitriding as well as general heat treating (carburizing, induction, quench & temper, carbonitriding, etc.).

You are often referred to as “Doctor Glow”. How did you get this name?

I have been working with glow discharge techniques from the very beginning of my professional career, starting in 1970. I received two doctoral degrees in this specific field of thermochemical surface engineering using glow discharge in reactive gasses. When the internet started, I wanted to be recognized as somebody related to this specific field of modern engineering. I consulted with my friends from England, such as Professor Tom Bell, and asked if this would be a proper name and he said ‘yes’.

You have spent several decades educating others about plasma/ion nitriding. Tell us about your educational background and where you taught.

I graduated from Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw, Poland with a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Manufacturing Technologies and stayed at the University teaching physical metallurgy and also later surface engineering. During my work there, I did a lot of research and got my PhD and Doctor of Science Degree (Habilitation). I also spent some time in the US in 1976/1977 as a post graduate under professor NJ Grant at Massachusetts Institute of Technology working on plasma nitriding of titanium.

In 1979/1980, I worked as a research associate under Professor KH Jack in Newcastle upon Tyne in UK. I worked on plasma nitriding of ferrous alloys. During 1981/1982 I was in Melbourne, Australia and worked there as a lecturer at the University of Melbourne teaching physical metallurgy and also as a research associate at Repco Research.

You have written or co-authored hundreds of published articles, journals, etc. If you were to recommend just three to our readers, which ones would you suggest?

  • E. Rolinski, G. Sharp, “Controlling Plasma Nitriding”, ASTM International, Materials Performance and Characterization, Vol. 6, No 4, 2017, pp.698-716, https://doi.org/10.1520/ MPC20160051. ISSN 2370-1365. 
  • E. Rolinski, “Nitriding of Titanium Alloys”, ASM Handbook, ASM International Vol. 4E, Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys, Volume Editor, G. E. Totten, 2016, pp.604-621.
  • E. Rolinski,” Plasma Assisted Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing of Steel and other Ferrous Alloys”, Chapter 11 in Thermochemical Surface Engineering of Steels, Ed. E. J. Mittemeijer and M. A. J. Somers, Pub. Woodhead Publishing, 2014, pp 413-449.

(Click here to view other articles written by Dr. Glow on our Technical Resources webpage.)

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time?


What exciting developments are you seeing with ion nitriding?

Ion and gas nitriding have become leading thermochemical technologies for enhancing surface (wear, corrosion) and also bulk (bending fatigue and rolling contact fatigue) properties of many engineering components and generally without a need for any additional finishing operations. Nitriding is also a complicated technology requiring skilled personnel to deal with it. Both techniques are being constantly researched and improved.

What is one thing people may not know about you?

I exercise every day before coming to the main office or staying in my home office.

What is one thing our customers may not know about AHT?

We are highly professional in the field of nitriding and general heat treating. We are the experts with international reputation!

In your opinion, what sets AHT apart from its competition?

We are technical company and not just a grocery-type service company.

Now, a series of quick random questions:

  • Favorite Book or Movie: Cabaret
  • First Job: Machinist in Ursus, near Warsaw the factory of tractors
  • Favorite Food: Alaskan Salmon
  • Least Favorite Food: Any fatty/unhealthy food
  • Favorite Sport: Swimming
  • Hobby? History
  • Grandchildren? I have a granddaughter - Kasia, 13. She's a very talented painter and swimmer.
  • How many years married? 51
  • What languages do you speak? English, Polish, Russian
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