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Firearm Manufacturers "Shooting for" Corrosion Resistance, an Aesthetic Black Finish & Better Accuracy... Meet UltraOx

Learn about UltraOx and its benefits when it comes to firearms manufacturing.

posted On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 in Blog

Firearm manufacturers have enough to think about these days - their surface finish shouldn’t be one of them. But since it’s such an important factor in the look and functionality of each piece, heat treatment is a critical decision.

There are a number of finishes to choose from; each having various advantages and disadvantages. One of the newer surface treatments available to firearm manufacturers, trademarked by Advanced Heat Treat Corp., is called UltraOx®.

UltraOx® combines the controllable ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC) process with post-oxidizing and a proprietary sealant.


Ok, what’s that mean?

Chemicals are diffused into the surface to generate increased hardness, wear resistance and improved corrosion resistance; UltraOx® is not a coating or painting, so it cannot flake or chip off .

UltraOx® has provided numerous benefits to a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace and defense. The benefits to the firearm industry are also vast and have been witnessed by manufacturers already using the process.

Our customer, a firearm manufacturer, reported that their barrels last 3 times as long with UltraOx!

Here are some more benefits of UltraOx:

  • Environmentally friendly - No toxic salts are used that could seep into holes or cracks. This reduces the need for post-process cleaning-saving a step and therefore, time.
  • UltraOx doesn’t round-off rifling, offering better trajectory and therefore more accuracy
  • Provides exceptional corrosion resistance while protecting against scratches, meaning minimal upkeep
  • Allows for masking (or selective hardening). It is used to keep certain areas from being hardened
  • Enhances lubricity
  • Can be used on titanium and ferrous alloys, including stainless steels.
  • Provides protection from galling and abrasion
  • Outperforms nickel plating, chrome plating, QPQ/Salt Bath/Black Nitriding
  • Is a final step/process - parts can be assembled immediately upon completion

UltraOx® is available at Advanced Heat Treat Corp.’s Alabama, Iowa and Michigan locations. Request your sample today at www.ahtcorp.com or call 319.232.5221.

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