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Aerospace Manufacturer Solves Forging Die Wear Issues with Ion Nitriding

An aerospace/defense customer was experiencing galling and excessive wear on their foil blade forging dies. AHT helped them to significantly improve their shot count with ion nitriding.

posted On Friday, December 11, 2020 in Blog

Forging dies experience excessive wear and force, and therefore need enhanced core hardness to withstand the impact and repetition. However, oftentimes the surface of the metal is what causes failure. Learn what our customer did to improve their forging die life... 

THE PROBLEM: Excessive wear & galling cause forging die failure

The company, an aerospace/defense manufacturer, was experiencing a short lifecycle with their foil blade forging dies. The die would only withstand 25 shots per die set before failure. While they through hardened the die to improve core hardness, the surface was wearing/galling which caused the failure.

Forging Die under UltraGlow Ion NitridingTHE SOLUTION: Ion nitriding creates compound zone to protect surface

The customer continued to through harden their forging die for core strength, but added an additional heat treatment: ion nitriding

The ion nitriding process creates a diffusion zone and a compound zone aka "white layer". This further protects the surface of the metal, improving the life/performance of the overall forging die. 

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Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) offers nitriding at three locations, located in Alabama, Iowa and Michigan. AHT also offers through hardening in Iowa.

THE RESULTS: The shot count improved 10X!

Switching from through hardening only to through hardening plus nitriding improved the shot count from 25 to 250-300 per die set - OVER 10X more! 

Is abrasion, wear or galling creating problems for your forging dies? Contact us! We can help. 


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