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15+ Years of AHT Loyalty - 2020

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has some of the most loyal and experienced employees. Below are current employees with 15+ years at AHT - our "Fifteen Plus Club."

posted On Friday, November 20, 2020 in Blog

All the employees below are currently employed at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) and have been for fifteen years or more. That's a lot of heat treat knowledge and experience!

15 Plus Club 2020

We'd like to extend special shoutouts to the newest "15+ Club" inductees, all hired in 2005:

New Inductees

(Listed from left to right)

  • Steve Pasker
    Production Supervisor - Furnaces
    Burton Ave location in Waterloo, Iowa
  • Mikel Woods
    Corporate Office & Service Center in Waterloo, Iowa
  • Trent Vesper
    Senior Heat Treat Technician - Furnace
    Burton Ave location in Waterloo, Iowa

  • Josh Spieker
    Senior Lab Technician
    Burton Ave location in Waterloo, Iowa

  • James Estal
    Shipping & Receiving Clerk
    Burton Ave location on Waterloo, Iowa

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