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May 2023 Newsletter

In our May e-newsletter, check-out the article "Controlling the Nitriding Process & Layers with Metallography," meet Jesse Hyder and more.

posted On Friday, May 19, 2023 in Newsletters

Controlling Nitriding Layers with MetallographyNitriding Article

In this article, "Controlling the Nitriding Process & Layers with Metallography", Dr. Edward Rolinski and Jesse Hyder cover the characteristics of the nitrided layer in low-alloy steel and plain carbon steel. Learn about compound zones and more in this image-filled article.


Meet Jesse Hyder AHT Michigan Lab LeadMeet Jesse Hyder

We continue our "Meet the Team" blog series with newly promoted Michigan Lab Lead, Jesse Hyder. Learn about his career path, how he spends his time outside of work and more.

Congrats to our AHT RetireesCongrats to Our Retirees

We have several retirements happening at AHT. Because we know our customers have interacted with them over the years, we wanted to be sure to fill you in. They are:
Janet Kern, 30 years of AHT service
Janet Ekstrom, 7 years of AHT service
Bill Cowell, 24 years of AHT service
Tony Duffy, 15 years of AHT service
Carlos Urzagaste, 19 years of AHT service
The employees that have not retired quite yet have their email addresses hyperlinked above in case you want to reach out before their last day at the end of the month.

ASM Heat Treating Society AHT Prime ContributorsASM Heat Treating Society

AHT's Dr. Edward Rolinski and Lexi Springer were recently recognized as "Prime Contributors" for their article, "Practical Aspects of Plasma Nitriding Kinetics for 17-4PH Stainless Steel."
This award honors the best papers or presentations in 2022 and was awarded to AHT and only one other recipient. Way to go, Edward & Lexi!

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