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Proudly displaying our Nadcap flag!

We recently received a Nadcap flag from Performance Review Institute as a token of our achievement!

posted On Thursday, March 1, 2018 in Blog

Achieving and maintaining Nadcap accreditation is a significant accomplishment. PRI, the Nadcap Management Council (NMC), and the Supplier Support Committee (SSC) recently sent a letter along with a flag to express their congratulations to Advanced Heat Treat Corp. on this achievement. We are proudly displaying the flag at our Corporate Office in Waterloo, IA and are proud of our merit status!

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has been Nadcap accredited since 2013 in ion (plasma) nitriding at the MidPort location in Waterloo, Iowa. This is an ongoing commitment to quality and satisfies customer requirements and industry specifications for aerospace and defense. In 2016, Advanced Heat Treat Corp. earned special recognition and was granted an accreditation that lasts 18 months, called merit status, from The Nadcap Task Group. Get a copy of our Nadcap certification here.

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