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How to Streamline Your Process for Heat Treat Success

Streamlining is highly beneficial to reduce turnaround time, reduce defects, eliminate waste and potentially save you money. Learn the key steps to streamlining your process for heat treat success.

posted On Tuesday, December 3, 2019 in Blog

In every major industry, companies are taking notice of the positive effects that streamlining can have on their internal processes and economic returns. Through these continuous improvement efforts, companies see cost reductions in categories such as turnaround time, reduction of defects, and elimination of waste, to name a few. While these concepts are just getting a foothold in industries such as retail and medical, they have an established history in manufacturing. The heat treat industry, and specifically the ion/gas nitriding subset, is not an exception. This paper will explain some of the steps that can be taken to ensure that a company’s parts flow through the heat treating process as efficiently as possible. The primary focus will be on ways to reduce turnaround time, while still delivering the highest quality part possible.

Talk to the Heat Treat Experts

The first step happens before the parts ever show up at the heat treat facility. It is advisable to have contact with the experts at the heat treat facility so that they can explain how the heat treat process will affect critical part dimensions before the part design is finalized. This team will also be able to discuss the specific quality that you will be referencing, and as applicable, help you find a specification that will suit your company’s needs. They will also be able to make sure any other specific quality concerns are addressed before the parts arrive for the heat treat process.

Send Purchase Order Packet

The next step is making sure the purchase order your company sends contains all of the relevant information the heat treat facility will need. The company you choose to send your parts to will undoubtedly be certified under an accredited system such as ISO/TS, Nadcap or preferably both. These systems are designed to make sure you receive a quality part back from your supplier, as they are audited for compliance on a regular basis.

Purchase Order

Your company should make sure to include a minimum of the following items with your heat treat purchase order packet:

  • Part number 
  • Material
  • Processing requirements (i.e. case depth, compound zone)
  • Masking requirements
  • Required specifications
  • Print revision (and a copy of the current print revision)
  • A listing of all quality requirements
  • A copy of the prior heat treat certification (if applicable)

On Your Way to Heat Treating Success

Both you and your heat treat provider have a vested interest in reducing the turnaround time associated with the heat treat process. Remember, continuous improvement efforts result in cost reductions such as turnaround time, reduction of defects and elimination of waste. By following the steps outlined above, you will be able to receive the highest quality part quickly.

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