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Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is committed to customer service. Through the years, we've been rewarded with feedback and praise from numerous satisfied customers - take a look!

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. isn't your average supplier. We treat your parts like they're our first born; we understand when your customer needs their parts back 'yesterday'; and from the person who answers the phone to Dr. Glow - you'll feel like family with AHT! 

When you work with AHT, you'll follow our proven process: The UltraGlow® Difference--from the R&D/design phase, all the way to production--to ensure the surface treatment and material choice have 'UltraGlowing' results!

Listen to Scott Grams, Senior Buyer at Graco, Inc. tell you why he trusts Advanced Heat Treat Corp. with their parts when carburizing and ion (plasma) nitriding.


“AHT makes this part of the process (heat treat) incredibly easy for us. You have stellar customer service. AHT always manages to deliver for us and keeps us informed. I honestly wish I had more suppliers like AHT.”
~Dan, Power Generation Customer

“AHT has phenomenal customer service and quality. There is no other nitriding company that I trust more than AHT. Your track record is testament to this statement.”
~Chris, AHT Customer since 2014

"I had the sample bar that you sent me salt spray test and the corrosion resistance looked good. It went 432 hours before any rust trails developed."
~Forrest M., Oil & Gas Industry

"I am pushing for all prints going forward to call out UltraOx®....it looks so much better than our current salt bath!"
~Mary, Ag Industry

"I wanted to let you know I've been very impressed with your items coming back, and the quality of work."
~Jessica W., Quality

"I can't stop raving about AHT! Your customer service and attention to detail was "over the top good"!"
~Ken R., General Customer Satisfaction

"Thank you for your help - I wish all our vendors were as good as your company."
~Joy M., General Customer Satisfaction

"Gary (AHT Founder) is still the man most responsible for making Plasma nitriding a mainstream process in North America"
~TheMonty.com, Publication

"I deal with several vendors daily and AHT is on the top of the list when it comes to turnaround time"
-Machine Shop Customer