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What's going on with your parts?

If you don't remember what you learned in chemistry class or if you ever wondered what's really happening to metal when it gets heat treated, it's your lucky day. One of our Process Metallurgists, Clayton Short gives an excellent (and brief, easy to understand for us "non-metallurgists"!) overview in this paper.

posted On Wednesday, March 1, 2017 in Newsletters

New Video

You can also be the amongst first to view a new video of our very own Dr. Glow (aka Edward Rolinski) responding to a frequently asked question on ion (plasma) nitriding related to part growth and/or shrinkage.

Watch the video here!

If your part requires little to no growth...

UltraGlow® Ion Nitriding might be the answer for your application! One of the concerns engineers have when researching what's best for their parts is related to how much it will expand and/or shrink during processing. Dr. Glow addresses this question & he knows his stuff! He graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology Department of Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering with a Master of Science and specialization in the Physical Metallurgy and Heat Treatment of Metals, and received his Doctorate of Philosophy in 1978 and Doctor of Science degree in 1989 for his thesis and scientific work on the application of the cold plasma/glow discharges to the surface treatment of solids. Edward is currently the Senior Scientist at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. and loves to answer your technical questions - submit yours here! See a list of all of our FAQ's (and their answers, of course!) here.

Some light reading for ya!


Metallurgy Basics
It's hard to retain everything from chemistry class (especially if it's been a *few* years), which is why we're blessed to have Clayton Short, Process Metallurgist at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Read this brief and simple explanation he wrote about what's happening to metals during heat treatment. Really, you'll be able to understand this even if you don't know anything about metallurgy!

Some not-so-light reading! Two Advanced Heat Treat Corp. employees, Edward Rolinski and Jeff Machcinski contributed to this recently released encyclopedia!

If you aren't sure what surface treatments are right for you, that's why we're here!

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