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Learn all about nitriding titanium alloys in a new video or read the white paper from our very own Gary Sharp--plus meet our new President!

posted On Friday, February 26, 2016 in Newsletters

New President

If you haven't heard, we have a new AHT President! Read all about it below! Plus - there are some major benefits titanium receives when it's ion (plasma) nitrided (including turning the alloy GOLD!). And, since titanium use is growing and benefits numerous industries, we decided to provide you with a video AND white paper all about it!

Nitriding Titanium Alloys?

Dr. Glow gets passionate when talking about nitriding titanium alloys-check out the newest video of the "Frequently Asked Question" on the subject, where he explains the benefits in just a minute!

Dr. Glow (aka Edward Rolinski) is the Senior Scientist at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. and loves to answer your technical questions-submit yours here

Eliminate galling and fretting with Ion (Plasma) Nitriding

Titanium alloys benefit in many ways from ion (plasma) nitriding. With the variety of industries and applications that can benefit from this technology, it's becoming more and more popular. Learn more in this short paper!

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is pleased to announce the appointment of Mikel Woods as President! Mr. Woods previously served as Senior Vice President and has been with AHT since 2005. 

Read the full announcement here.

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