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Meet Shane Seevell

Shane Seevell worked at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. from 2006-2007 and now he's back as Regional Sales Manager! Find out why he decided to return, what his training has been like and how Shane spends his time outside of work.

posted On Wednesday, October 30, 2019 in Blog

Shane Seevell

Q&A's with Shane Seevell

Shane, you used to work at AHT in 2006/2007. Why did you decide to return?

I decided to return because of the family atmosphere and what AHT stands for.  It really speaks volumes when the amount of people who have worked here 5/10/15+ years. (View all the current employees that have been at AHT for 15+ years here.)

Between working at AHT in 2006 and 2019, you worked at a flooring company and a manufacturing company. What did you learn there that'll benefit AHT customers?

I got to see the aspects of being a middleman, from the customer to the manufacturer and then I got to be on the manufacturing side. One thing that has stayed the same in both scenarios is that if the customer has a need/want for your product and/or services, it is important to get them what they are asking for in a timely manner with the up-most quality and satisfaction. Then from there, it is important to keep that relationship going through trust and hard work.

You started here (again) July 2019. Tell us about your training so far.

Training has been great and very helpful. It’s not every day that the people that train you in any company have as much experience as every person that has help train me. It is incredible and they are always willing to answer questions and help you understand.

While your training will still continue, you are now being assigned states/territories. What states are those?

Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa (area codes: 319, 641 and 563), Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska and Hawaii

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

With my family! Coaching my kids and going to their functions. Playing golf, pool (billiards) or pretty much anything outside. Cheering on the Iowa Hawkeyes and Boston Red Sox.

What professional (or personal) accomplishment are you most proud of?

Personal accomplishments I am most proud of is being a dad/husband. As far as professional, I don’t think I have just one, I would say it would have to be just my career path in general.

What is one thing people may not know about Shane Seevell?

I am a three-time state champion in billiards (8 ball, 9 ball and team).

Why would you recommend a prospective customer choose AHT over another heat treater?

The level of knowledge and expertise/years in this company is second to none. The quality and detail everyone has for every job is incredible.

Now, a series of quick random questions:

First Job: Mowing yards / Detasseling

Biggest (Irrational) Fear: Heights

Favorite Food: Pizza

Least Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Sport: Baseball / Watching or coaching then softball

Favorite Team: Iowa Hawkeyes

Have a question for Shane Seevell? Email him at seevells@ion-nitriding.com or call him at 319-505-0267.

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