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Meet Josh Goans

We continue our "Meet the Team" blog series with Josh Goans, Quality Coordinator at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. in Monroe, Michigan. Continue reading to learn about Monroe's recent audit, Josh's career path and more.

posted On Thursday, December 17, 2020 in Blog

Q&As with Josh Goans

Meet Josh GoansYou recently celebrated your 10-year anniversary at AHT. Congratulations! Tell us about your journey through the years.

It honestly doesn’t feel like it has been that long. I started out part time on the floor and have worked in shipping and receiving, operations shift lead, I am qualified as a lab tech, and now I am in quality. I am always looking to improve my skillset.

Josh, what does a typical day look like for you at AHT?

A typical day for me varies with what is happening. I could be doing contract reviews, spot audits on the shop floor, contacting customers, safety, or continuous improvement items. The varying priorities day-to-day is what keeps my job interesting.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your free time?

I spend the bulk of my free time hanging out with my wife, Sydney, and my son, Joshua (7 years old). Playing video games would be a strong second.

You are a Safety & ECIS champion. For those that are unfamiliar with ECIS, please describe it and your role.

The easiest way to describe ECIS is any idea or suggestion that improves any task that needs to be accomplished. That could mean anything from process/fixturing improvements to making it easier and faster to sweep the floor. Any time or effort saved adds up. My role is to help other employees get their ideas put to paper.

In your opinion, what makes Advanced Heat Treat Corp. the leader in nitriding?

The fact that we educate our customers whether it be through our hardness seminars or phone calls and emails. We take customer satisfaction very seriously and, in my position, I take it personally. Also, we have some of the most knowledgeable employees when it comes to the processes that we run and the equipment that we use.

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What is one thing people may not know about Josh Goans?

A lot of people do not know that I used to play violin when I was thirteen.

What is one thing our customers may not know about AHT?

We recently were audited for ISO and IATF recertification in Monroe, Michigan, and we passed with zero findings!

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Now, a series of quick random questions:

  • Favorite Movie: Star Wars
  • First Job: I was a paperboy as a kid. AHT is my first “real” job.
  • First Album: Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 
  • Favorite Video Game of All Time: Final Fantasy 7
  • Favorite Food: Tacos
  • Least Favorite Food: Fish
  • Favorite Sport: To watch: football, to play: soccer
  • Person Who Has Influenced You: My son, definitely 
  • If Money Wasn’t an Issue, Where Would You Go on Vacation: Tokyo
  • Favorite Quote: “No! Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”
  • If You Could Have a Super Power, What Would It Be? Teleportation

Have a question for Josh Goans? Email goansj@ion-nitriding.com or call him at 734-243-0063 ext 402.

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